Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I Was Scared Once...

Well…I ain’t really get scared so much ‘n if I did, I sure ain’t dumb enough to show it.  Cause when some tough kid’s messin with you or some stranger who’s tryin’ to hurt you, you get scared ‘n they think they’re winnin.  Cause that’s what they want so I ain’t never show em if I did get scared.  You just gotta tell yourself you ain’t ‘n then nail em a good one to prove it.

Cep one time I did get scared.  I went to see this movie that was sorta a ghost movie ‘n it messed with your brain a lot.  So it was pretty creepy, but I liked it pretty fine anyhow.  But it kinda stuck in my brain, like when you see somethin’ that kinda scares you a lil in a movie ‘n you think about it later.  Well I ain’t really thinking ‘bout it but one night it was real, real late…like way past my bedtime.  But I was still up cause my mom ain’t there to tell me to go to bed.  So I hadda go downstairs ‘n the house was all dark ‘n spooky, ‘n it was kinda creepy so I spect I was thinkin bout that movie a lil bit.  I went in the back room ‘n flipped on the light ‘n walked in AND THERE WAS ANOTHER PERSON IN THAT ROOM!

Well…lemme tell you, I was most scared clean outta my Underroos ‘n my skin too!  I prolly jumped higher than I do on coach jill’s trampolines ‘n hollered fit to bust.  Prolly did one of them cartoon things where their eyes bug out ‘bout eight feet ‘n they ain’t even land on the ground 'fore they take off runnin’.  ‘Fore I went hightailin’ it outta there though, I looked again… ‘n then I figured out all I’d seen was my own reflection in the cabinet door cause it was made outta metal.  It moved when I walked in ‘n I just saw it from the side ‘n thought it was someone else.

Well…I felt pretty dang silly, I gotta say ‘n I laughed at myself a good ole long time ‘n Bren ‘n everyone else did too when I tole em that story.  ‘n you can laugh too, I ain’t mind.


  1. *dolefully* I ain't never gonna live it down. For real.