Wednesday, September 1, 2010

If I Could Be Any Animal, What Would I Be and Why?

Well that's a real hard question, I spect cause there's lotsa animals that's pretty cool.  I guess I'd be a tiger, cause they're pretty much my favorites.  I like em firstly cause they're real big'n tough and ain't nobody mess with one 'less they're real stupid.  Cause mostly if they're that stupid then they get ate, and then they ain't gonna do nothin' stupid no more.  Plus tigers is awful pretty, cause it's okay to be big'n tough and still look real good, but you ain't never see no tiger wearin' bows in their fur I bet.  Anyhow, they're orange and that's one of my favorite colors too.  And they walk real cool cause they're so big but you coun't even hear em if they was walkin behind you.  Plus tigers ain't gotta do no homework, so that's another good reason to be one, cause I'd like to see some teacher try to give a tiger homework!  Cep sometimes when soccer teams'n stuff start callin' emselves the tigers, they draw this cute picture of a tiger on their uniforms, cep that ain't what a real tiger looks like, cause real ones are way cooler. 

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