Friday, September 3, 2010

Which Quality Best Describes My Life?

Well... I guess my life right now's mostly just peaceful.  And that's a pretty good way for it to be.  There's a lotta things goin' right and that ain't happen all the time.  My mom'n sister'n me finally got to live together again, and we got our own place right here near school.  So we're real happy cause we get to be a family again and my mom's real happy cause she wants to be someplace she can stay busy and meet some new folks, cause she's real good at that.  Plus she wants us kids to be where there's other kids so we can do stuff like play at their houses or walk to school or have sleepovers'n stuff.  We ain't got furniture in there yet but that's okay cause that ain't too hard. You just gotta get some guy who's real strong to drag it in the house.  Plus I got two good classes at school and I'm meetin kids'n stuff and I made the soccer team so it's nice to wake up and have stuff to do'n places to go.  Well, the homework part ain't too great, but the other stuff's real good.  But I even got all that stuff done anyhow, even that big ole report thing.  So ain't nobody got mad at me for a while and I ain't get in no big trouble lately or hadda get my mouth washed out or nothin.  So I spect my life's real peaceful and I guess I like it that way.

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