Friday, September 17, 2010

What if Cows Gave Root Beer 'Stead of Milk?

Well, I think I ain't really want them to do that cause I ain't like root beer too much.  It'ud be better if they all gave differnt stuff so then you could get whatever you wanted.  I'd get me a Cherry Coke cow. 

Course maybe it'ud be good if they can give both, cause there's lotsa sugar in root beer, so they could pretty  much make you a root beer float right there.  Now that'ud be real cool.  I like root beer real fine in a root beer float.

Actually, in India, cows sorta give soda cause they're makin' soda outta cow pee.  'n they make stuff like toothpaste 'n all outta cow poop.  I ain't think I'd want that so much, so if I ever go there I'm takin my own toothpaste 'n I ain't buyin' no groceries over there.

1 comment:

  1. Umm, it gets pretty hot in India, hello? So maybe you would enjoy cooling off with two root beer slurpees: one to chill your gut inside and the other to refrigerate your fried head outside. If you wike, I can show you how to apply slurpee to your exterior in the most expeditious manner, kk? (Well, I kinda already did dat in de cafeteria last week :P) Ah, is there anyfing more refined than slurpee chit chat? *mulls this over and arrives at a conclusion* "Nope."