Friday, September 10, 2010

What September Reminds Me Of...

Well...I guess when I think of September, it mostly makes me think of school.  Which ain't make no kind of sense since I ain't never been to school til I come to OSE.  But that's what I think about, apples 'n new pencils 'n lotsa fall-y plaid colors 'n chalkboards.  And that's all sorta silly too, cep folks do pick apples in September, but some kinds ain't ready til October nohow.  And we ain't really use chalkboards no more 'n ain't no one at OSE wear fall color plaids cause we got purple 'n black uniforms.  Well... we do gotta have pencils.  I ain't never can find mine nohow 'n when I do, it's broke.  So I guess September ain't make me think of nothin' that makes no sense. 

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