Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I Was Scared Once...

Well…I ain’t really get scared so much ‘n if I did, I sure ain’t dumb enough to show it.  Cause when some tough kid’s messin with you or some stranger who’s tryin’ to hurt you, you get scared ‘n they think they’re winnin.  Cause that’s what they want so I ain’t never show em if I did get scared.  You just gotta tell yourself you ain’t ‘n then nail em a good one to prove it.

Cep one time I did get scared.  I went to see this movie that was sorta a ghost movie ‘n it messed with your brain a lot.  So it was pretty creepy, but I liked it pretty fine anyhow.  But it kinda stuck in my brain, like when you see somethin’ that kinda scares you a lil in a movie ‘n you think about it later.  Well I ain’t really thinking ‘bout it but one night it was real, real late…like way past my bedtime.  But I was still up cause my mom ain’t there to tell me to go to bed.  So I hadda go downstairs ‘n the house was all dark ‘n spooky, ‘n it was kinda creepy so I spect I was thinkin bout that movie a lil bit.  I went in the back room ‘n flipped on the light ‘n walked in AND THERE WAS ANOTHER PERSON IN THAT ROOM!

Well…lemme tell you, I was most scared clean outta my Underroos ‘n my skin too!  I prolly jumped higher than I do on coach jill’s trampolines ‘n hollered fit to bust.  Prolly did one of them cartoon things where their eyes bug out ‘bout eight feet ‘n they ain’t even land on the ground 'fore they take off runnin’.  ‘Fore I went hightailin’ it outta there though, I looked again… ‘n then I figured out all I’d seen was my own reflection in the cabinet door cause it was made outta metal.  It moved when I walked in ‘n I just saw it from the side ‘n thought it was someone else.

Well…I felt pretty dang silly, I gotta say ‘n I laughed at myself a good ole long time ‘n Bren ‘n everyone else did too when I tole em that story.  ‘n you can laugh too, I ain’t mind.

Monday, September 27, 2010

How I Feel about Hallowe'en

Well...that's kinda a hard question cause I got sorta mixed up feelin's 'bout Hallowe'en.  There's parts of it that's kinda fun, but then there's other stuff 'bout it that I ain't really think's too great an idea.

Dressin' up in a costume's real fun -- me 'n Bren have lotsa fun doin' that.  And there ain't no kid I know who ain't like to get free candy 'n stuff or parties at school 'n stuff like that.  So I like them parts real fine. 

Sometimes folks make bad stuff into good
I guess there's somethin' to Samhain.  That's the day of the dead 'n I spect it's always real important to remember 'em.  Even though I ain't believe in no spooks so I ain't think they gonna come back 'n haunt you if you ain't.  But some things 'bout Hallowe'en I ain't like.  Cause it mostly's a day when people make all the real bad stuff look real cool like dyin' 'n killin' people 'n stuff.  Plus sometimes people do real bad stuff like wreckin' people's houses'n cars 'n tearin' stuff up cause they figure cause they're in costume ain't no one can do nothin' 'bout it.  I ain't believe in mosta the Hallowe'en stuff nohow so it ain't really my fav'rite holiday. 

Monday, September 20, 2010

What I Learned This Month...

1. You can still get in trouble even if you ain't actually hit no one.
2.  If you get in trouble, your whole class does too.
3.  Your teachers'll let you do stuff your mom ain't never even thought of.
4.  The whole world's gettin' killed by people 'n we're in a awful lotta trouble.
5.  There's lotsa cool stuff in the rainforest.
6.  There's more cool stuff in the cerrado.
7.  People in India drink cow pee soda.
8.  I ain't too good at building.
9.  I ain't too good at spellin'.
10.  It ain't too fun to get pasted with a slurpee.
11.  Throwin' stuff in school'll get you kicked off the soccer team.
12.  You ain't never know what's gonna happen next in school.
13.  It's better to go ahead'n do what Miss Nevy wants the first time cause she's pretty sneaky 'n you'll end up doin' it anyhow, only worse.

But mostly I learned...
14.  School's pretty okay after all 'n I'm glad I came.

Friday, September 17, 2010

What if Cows Gave Root Beer 'Stead of Milk?

Well, I think I ain't really want them to do that cause I ain't like root beer too much.  It'ud be better if they all gave differnt stuff so then you could get whatever you wanted.  I'd get me a Cherry Coke cow. 

Course maybe it'ud be good if they can give both, cause there's lotsa sugar in root beer, so they could pretty  much make you a root beer float right there.  Now that'ud be real cool.  I like root beer real fine in a root beer float.

Actually, in India, cows sorta give soda cause they're makin' soda outta cow pee.  'n they make stuff like toothpaste 'n all outta cow poop.  I ain't think I'd want that so much, so if I ever go there I'm takin my own toothpaste 'n I ain't buyin' no groceries over there.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Top Favorite Things About Fall

Well, this writin's pretty easy, I guess cause fall's my favorite season of em all. 
Reasons I like fall:
1. I like that it gets colder but it ain't so cold your fingers fall off.  I like wearin' my sweaters 'n sweatshirts.=
2. I like all the colors, cause I love red 'n orange 'n all and walkin' in the forest when the trees is all changin is awful pretty.
3. Fall's when you have stuff like harvest parties 'n hayrides 'n bonfires.
4. Fall 'n bonfires mostly means lotsa stories and I really like that part -- sittin' round the campfire listenin to a great story or tellin' one.  It ain't even gotta be a scary one.
5. Fall's harvest, 'n that's kinda a special time.  It's real cool how the earth grows all that stuff for us, 'n fall's when Samhain comes.  I ain't Celtic or nothin, but I like them stories 'n plus wearin' costumes for Hallowe'en's pretty fun too.
So that's some of the reasons I like fall.

Monday, September 13, 2010

If I Was a Mouse in My House for the Evenin', What'ud My Family Be Doing?

If I was a mouse in my house, I prolly ain't see too much in the evenin' cause we ain't do too much.  Bren 'n me's in school and mom's mostly sleepin'.  Cause mom's gettin' old, you know, so she gets tired easy and she's gotta take a nap.  But if she was awake, she'd prolly be cleanin' her closet or fixin' the furniture cause she likes our new house to look nice.  She likes to cook dinner so if I's a mouse, I'd prolly check out the kitchen.  Wish I WAS one too cause if she was awake, she'd be makin' me take a bath and no mouse ain't need to see that.  Me, I'd mostly be doin' all my homework or practicin' my soccer, cep I woun't see that cause I ain't allowed to play in the house.  Bren'ud be paintin' or somethin' cause she does art alla time 'n she's got her pics up in our new room.  Or if we ain't got too much to do, then I ain't see nothin' at my house cause we'd be at the Wait prolly.  We ain't had no mouse there before but I guess one could come if they wanted to.

Camp-out in the Wait

Friday, September 10, 2010

What September Reminds Me Of...

Well...I guess when I think of September, it mostly makes me think of school.  Which ain't make no kind of sense since I ain't never been to school til I come to OSE.  But that's what I think about, apples 'n new pencils 'n lotsa fall-y plaid colors 'n chalkboards.  And that's all sorta silly too, cep folks do pick apples in September, but some kinds ain't ready til October nohow.  And we ain't really use chalkboards no more 'n ain't no one at OSE wear fall color plaids cause we got purple 'n black uniforms.  Well... we do gotta have pencils.  I ain't never can find mine nohow 'n when I do, it's broke.  So I guess September ain't make me think of nothin' that makes no sense. 

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

If Kids Ruled the World...

If kids children ruled the world, lotsa things'ud prolly be real diff'rent.  Firstly, we ain't never have homework, 'cause kids children know better'n to use up their free time doin' that stuff 'less someone makes 'em. We ain't gotta eat no nasty stuff like broccoli and we ain't gotta wear no stupid floaties in the pool.  Soccer'ud be worth a grade 'steada spelling.  And we ain't gotta take a bath 'less we want to.  Ain't no grownups'ud do bad things to kids or leave 'em even if they ain't good all the time.  So that's how it'ud be if I could run stuff.

 Cep maybe it ain't really work that way.  Cause if kids run everything, then Bren ain't eat nothin' but cookies'n lollipops so she's prolly be sick alla time and her teeth'ud fall out and she'd prolly get real fat.  Plus kids is real mean sometimes and they leave other kids out'n stuff.  Ain't no one wants a grownup to hafta tell 'em to be nice to you or pick you for their team, cause it'ud be better if they picked you cause they liked you. And grownups ain't always fair neither and you can't beat em up cause they're bigger'n you'n you just get sent to the principal's office.  But sometimes they're real fair like Miss Jill give everyone a chance to play soccer even when she ain't know em and kids ain't mostly do that.  Plus it ain't no good to have a mom if you're in charge cause grownups is s'posed to know everything and they ain't if you gotta run stuff.  Cause I hadda take care of my sister for a long time cause we ain't had no folks, an it ain't so great.  It's way more better when you got a mom.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Which Quality Best Describes My Life?

Well... I guess my life right now's mostly just peaceful.  And that's a pretty good way for it to be.  There's a lotta things goin' right and that ain't happen all the time.  My mom'n sister'n me finally got to live together again, and we got our own place right here near school.  So we're real happy cause we get to be a family again and my mom's real happy cause she wants to be someplace she can stay busy and meet some new folks, cause she's real good at that.  Plus she wants us kids to be where there's other kids so we can do stuff like play at their houses or walk to school or have sleepovers'n stuff.  We ain't got furniture in there yet but that's okay cause that ain't too hard. You just gotta get some guy who's real strong to drag it in the house.  Plus I got two good classes at school and I'm meetin kids'n stuff and I made the soccer team so it's nice to wake up and have stuff to do'n places to go.  Well, the homework part ain't too great, but the other stuff's real good.  But I even got all that stuff done anyhow, even that big ole report thing.  So ain't nobody got mad at me for a while and I ain't get in no big trouble lately or hadda get my mouth washed out or nothin.  So I spect my life's real peaceful and I guess I like it that way.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

If I Could Be Any Animal, What Would I Be and Why?

Well that's a real hard question, I spect cause there's lotsa animals that's pretty cool.  I guess I'd be a tiger, cause they're pretty much my favorites.  I like em firstly cause they're real big'n tough and ain't nobody mess with one 'less they're real stupid.  Cause mostly if they're that stupid then they get ate, and then they ain't gonna do nothin' stupid no more.  Plus tigers is awful pretty, cause it's okay to be big'n tough and still look real good, but you ain't never see no tiger wearin' bows in their fur I bet.  Anyhow, they're orange and that's one of my favorite colors too.  And they walk real cool cause they're so big but you coun't even hear em if they was walkin behind you.  Plus tigers ain't gotta do no homework, so that's another good reason to be one, cause I'd like to see some teacher try to give a tiger homework!  Cep sometimes when soccer teams'n stuff start callin' emselves the tigers, they draw this cute picture of a tiger on their uniforms, cep that ain't what a real tiger looks like, cause real ones are way cooler.