Monday, September 27, 2010

How I Feel about Hallowe'en

Well...that's kinda a hard question cause I got sorta mixed up feelin's 'bout Hallowe'en.  There's parts of it that's kinda fun, but then there's other stuff 'bout it that I ain't really think's too great an idea.

Dressin' up in a costume's real fun -- me 'n Bren have lotsa fun doin' that.  And there ain't no kid I know who ain't like to get free candy 'n stuff or parties at school 'n stuff like that.  So I like them parts real fine. 

Sometimes folks make bad stuff into good
I guess there's somethin' to Samhain.  That's the day of the dead 'n I spect it's always real important to remember 'em.  Even though I ain't believe in no spooks so I ain't think they gonna come back 'n haunt you if you ain't.  But some things 'bout Hallowe'en I ain't like.  Cause it mostly's a day when people make all the real bad stuff look real cool like dyin' 'n killin' people 'n stuff.  Plus sometimes people do real bad stuff like wreckin' people's houses'n cars 'n tearin' stuff up cause they figure cause they're in costume ain't no one can do nothin' 'bout it.  I ain't believe in mosta the Hallowe'en stuff nohow so it ain't really my fav'rite holiday. 

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