Monday, September 20, 2010

What I Learned This Month...

1. You can still get in trouble even if you ain't actually hit no one.
2.  If you get in trouble, your whole class does too.
3.  Your teachers'll let you do stuff your mom ain't never even thought of.
4.  The whole world's gettin' killed by people 'n we're in a awful lotta trouble.
5.  There's lotsa cool stuff in the rainforest.
6.  There's more cool stuff in the cerrado.
7.  People in India drink cow pee soda.
8.  I ain't too good at building.
9.  I ain't too good at spellin'.
10.  It ain't too fun to get pasted with a slurpee.
11.  Throwin' stuff in school'll get you kicked off the soccer team.
12.  You ain't never know what's gonna happen next in school.
13.  It's better to go ahead'n do what Miss Nevy wants the first time cause she's pretty sneaky 'n you'll end up doin' it anyhow, only worse.

But mostly I learned...
14.  School's pretty okay after all 'n I'm glad I came.


  1. I dun mean to seem unkind but "liar, liar, pantz on fiar" MIGHT apply to this...

    10. It ain't too fun to get pasted with a slurpee. you grinned from ear to ear then dumped your slurpee on moi! Haha, and I found it most refreshing, btw, as I was able to keep nice and cool while de whole class overheated from having to put their heads down. OH and if your pantz really are on fiar, just phone me and I will teleport to you with a surpersize swurpee in hand. LOL <3<3<3

  2. dude...grin're so lucky I ain't kick your tail when I was dumpin' slurpee on you. You ain't read the OTHER blog, I spect.

  3. OH! I yam on my way to your other bloggie nows.

  4. Okay, I just saw your latest entry at "In the wait: An SL childhood" and it was well written. SO who posted it? Yer sisser? rofl I'm just kidding.

    Actually, for me the best part was this:
    "Sloane 'n me are fine friends now" Yay and I value our friendship too so ty for it. <3