Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas Trees...

Well I like Christmas trees 'n I get a new ornament to put on mine every year.  My favorite's a Santa that goes at the way bottom, least on my tree that's my favorite.  I ain't really decorate none in SL.  Last year, me 'n Bren 'n my mom made a gingerbread house together 'n put candy on it 'n stuff 'n that was real fun.  My favorite holiday's Christmas Eve though cause there's too much presentin' 'n stuff on Christmas. I like presents 'n stuff but Christmas Eve's my most favorite cause ain't most folks too worried 'bout doin "Christmas."  Mostly they're just all wore out 'n they go to sleep all fussed bout the next day 'n the whole world gets quiet 'n real still.  Cause I figure the world knows stuff we ain't, even though Jesus was really born in the spring 'n not at Christmas, I figure God knows when we celebrate it 'n I figure Jesus was really prolly born on a night like Christmas Eve.  Mostly folks ain't paid no attention, but I like thinkin' bout that cause on Christmas Eve it ain't get lost like it does on Christmas Day when we're all messin with presents 'n company 'n food 'n all that stuff.  All that's great but it's better when we stopped on Christmas Eve first to celebrate why we got Christmas at all.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Map to School

This's a map of where I been livin'n how I been gettin' to school from there.

Monday, November 15, 2010

My Journal Entry That Ain't In My Blog Cause It's On A Notecard

What I Like and Ain't Like About Myself

Well...I like how I look pretty okay even though I ain't really too pretty, 'n sometimes kids do dumb stuff like givin me stolen skins or landmarks 'n tellin' me I ain't look good enough.  But I ain't care.  I got red hair 'n grey eyes, cep when they're green or kinda greeny-brown, 'n I got freckles on my nose.  So even if I ain't real pretty 'n I ain't never gonna be no model or no cheerleader, I like me pretty okay.  I like that I can be real tough 'n plow over folks when I'm playin' soccer or bust up fights, 'n I like that I can take care of me 'n my sister when we ain't got no one.  I ain't really like doin' it, but I'm glad I can leastways.

I ain't like my name rhymin' with Bren's.  Cep that ain't my fault cause she was born after me anyhow, 'n I'm the oldest.  So I think our birthmom shoulda come up with somethin' else that ain't rhyme cause twins that got rhymin' names sound stupid.  I ain't like when I let folks too close 'n they do somethin' stupid that I'm dumb enough to let em be close enough that it hurt too much to be able to not care 'bout it.  Guess that's pretty stupid, huh?  But I mostly got rid of that so I ain't gotta not like that too much longer.

Monday, October 18, 2010

The Superhero I Chose I'm SUPERCABBAGE!  I hadda be a cabbage a long time ago when my birthmom turned me into one by accident.  Cause she's a wizard but sometimes she gets a lil carried away 'n I think she drank too much faery grog or somethin.  Anyhow she turned me into a cabbage 'n boy she made a druid real mad doin it.  Anyhow I got turned back into a girl, but then after we got adopted, my uncle hadda be a banana...I forget why.  So I turned into SUPERCABBAGE to make him feel better.  Then I got in a fight with a rabbit and won with my trusty sword!  Well...I forgot how to use it so I hadda read the instructions.  But it ain't matter cause I'm SUPERCABBAGE!!!  SAVIN VEGGIES AROUND THE GRID!!  And kids too, cause if I save their veggies then they ain't gotta eat em...  And I made my own sword since I ain't sposed to bring real ones to school.

Course when I got home, my mom made me take a bath.  Whoever heard of a superhero hadda wash behind their ears?  Er...leaves?  Whatever.

So if you ain't wanna eat your vegetables just call SUPERCABBAGE!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Are You Pessimistic or Optimistic and Why?

Well...I spect mostly I'm that pesty word cause I figure if you ain't hope for too much, it's harder to get let down.  Cep that ain't always work too good cause sometimes you ain't hope for nothin extra but then folks come along 'n kick you in the teeth anyhow, 'n that ain't too much fun.  But it can be kinda okay too cause when you ain't hope for nothin, if someone DID come along 'n do somethin' real nice or make you special then well, you got a real nice surprise you ain't even expectin.  Mostly though folks'll hurt you so it's better if you ain't have too much faith in em.  Like you can be friends with em 'n stuff 'n believe in em but that ain't mean you gotta let em real, real close.  Cause then you start gettin feelings in there 'n you can't think straight for nothin so if they do somethin dumb, then it'ud really hurt you.  But the other way, you can still be their friend but they can't hurt you so much.

But sometimes way inside I might dream 'bout lotsa things.  But I ain't dumb enough to tell no one...

Monday, October 11, 2010

What I Want to Be for Halloween

Well... I wanna be a gypsy, but I ain't found no good costume yet.  See last year me'n Bren were both witches, but I seen this gypsy costume I liked loads only I's kinda dumb 'n I ain't buy it.  Mainly cause I already had a costume.  I ain't even remember what store it was in, only where it was.  Well, all them stores closed 'n moved so I ain't know where it went 'n I been lookin' everywhere 'n I ain't find it.  So I asked someone if they could make one 'n they said they're gonna try.  So if that works out I"ll be a gypsy.

I ain't really know why I wanna be one.  My birth mom'us one.  They're kinda cool, gypsies, cause they got their own clans 'n their own laws 'n they get to roam around all over the place.  Plus, they're storytellers 'n they perform 'n stuff 'n I like that. Imma be a storyteller when I grow up.  Plus they got super cool horses.

Friday, October 8, 2010

What Animal I Chose 'n Why

I'mma pick the seahorse, cep I ain't really wanna hafta pick just one cause there's a awful lotta cool stuff.  But I figure ain't no one else gonna do a seahorse, 'n I wanna do somethin' ain't no one else gonna do.  Plus seahorses're real weird 'n funny so there's prolly lots to do.  They ain't like no other fishes 'n they got real cool tails.  Some of em got spikes even, 'n the boys hafta have the babies.  I'mma learn about them.