Friday, October 15, 2010

Are You Pessimistic or Optimistic and Why?

Well...I spect mostly I'm that pesty word cause I figure if you ain't hope for too much, it's harder to get let down.  Cep that ain't always work too good cause sometimes you ain't hope for nothin extra but then folks come along 'n kick you in the teeth anyhow, 'n that ain't too much fun.  But it can be kinda okay too cause when you ain't hope for nothin, if someone DID come along 'n do somethin' real nice or make you special then well, you got a real nice surprise you ain't even expectin.  Mostly though folks'll hurt you so it's better if you ain't have too much faith in em.  Like you can be friends with em 'n stuff 'n believe in em but that ain't mean you gotta let em real, real close.  Cause then you start gettin feelings in there 'n you can't think straight for nothin so if they do somethin dumb, then it'ud really hurt you.  But the other way, you can still be their friend but they can't hurt you so much.

But sometimes way inside I might dream 'bout lotsa things.  But I ain't dumb enough to tell no one...

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