Monday, October 18, 2010

The Superhero I Chose I'm SUPERCABBAGE!  I hadda be a cabbage a long time ago when my birthmom turned me into one by accident.  Cause she's a wizard but sometimes she gets a lil carried away 'n I think she drank too much faery grog or somethin.  Anyhow she turned me into a cabbage 'n boy she made a druid real mad doin it.  Anyhow I got turned back into a girl, but then after we got adopted, my uncle hadda be a banana...I forget why.  So I turned into SUPERCABBAGE to make him feel better.  Then I got in a fight with a rabbit and won with my trusty sword!  Well...I forgot how to use it so I hadda read the instructions.  But it ain't matter cause I'm SUPERCABBAGE!!!  SAVIN VEGGIES AROUND THE GRID!!  And kids too, cause if I save their veggies then they ain't gotta eat em...  And I made my own sword since I ain't sposed to bring real ones to school.

Course when I got home, my mom made me take a bath.  Whoever heard of a superhero hadda wash behind their ears?  Er...leaves?  Whatever.

So if you ain't wanna eat your vegetables just call SUPERCABBAGE!!

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