Monday, November 15, 2010

My Journal Entry That Ain't In My Blog Cause It's On A Notecard

What I Like and Ain't Like About Myself

Well...I like how I look pretty okay even though I ain't really too pretty, 'n sometimes kids do dumb stuff like givin me stolen skins or landmarks 'n tellin' me I ain't look good enough.  But I ain't care.  I got red hair 'n grey eyes, cep when they're green or kinda greeny-brown, 'n I got freckles on my nose.  So even if I ain't real pretty 'n I ain't never gonna be no model or no cheerleader, I like me pretty okay.  I like that I can be real tough 'n plow over folks when I'm playin' soccer or bust up fights, 'n I like that I can take care of me 'n my sister when we ain't got no one.  I ain't really like doin' it, but I'm glad I can leastways.

I ain't like my name rhymin' with Bren's.  Cep that ain't my fault cause she was born after me anyhow, 'n I'm the oldest.  So I think our birthmom shoulda come up with somethin' else that ain't rhyme cause twins that got rhymin' names sound stupid.  I ain't like when I let folks too close 'n they do somethin' stupid that I'm dumb enough to let em be close enough that it hurt too much to be able to not care 'bout it.  Guess that's pretty stupid, huh?  But I mostly got rid of that so I ain't gotta not like that too much longer.

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