Monday, October 11, 2010

What I Want to Be for Halloween

Well... I wanna be a gypsy, but I ain't found no good costume yet.  See last year me'n Bren were both witches, but I seen this gypsy costume I liked loads only I's kinda dumb 'n I ain't buy it.  Mainly cause I already had a costume.  I ain't even remember what store it was in, only where it was.  Well, all them stores closed 'n moved so I ain't know where it went 'n I been lookin' everywhere 'n I ain't find it.  So I asked someone if they could make one 'n they said they're gonna try.  So if that works out I"ll be a gypsy.

I ain't really know why I wanna be one.  My birth mom'us one.  They're kinda cool, gypsies, cause they got their own clans 'n their own laws 'n they get to roam around all over the place.  Plus, they're storytellers 'n they perform 'n stuff 'n I like that. Imma be a storyteller when I grow up.  Plus they got super cool horses.

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