Friday, October 1, 2010

Why Did You Choose Oceanside School?

Well... Bren used to go to Hardknock, 'n she wanted to go to school real bad, but it just ain't really work out for her too good.  I ain't go cause I ain't wanna go to school at all, 'specially after she went.  So we heard 'bout this school 'n the town 'n my mom was lookin' for us a new house.  Bren wanted to go to a real school 'n we figured since this one was new, maybe it'ud be better cause everyone would be new sorta.  Well... my mom ain't like me skippin' out on school even though I figured I was smart enough already, but she tole me I hadda go.  So here I am.  Cep I'm pretty glad I came cause this school's way funner... well, mostly ... than I thought it would be 'n I got to make lotsa friends.  Bren 'n me were throwaway kids so long we ain't really had no friends 'n Bren ain't really make none at her other school.  So this was a pretty good choice, 'n I like school a lot now.  Specially soccer.

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