Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas Trees...

Well I like Christmas trees 'n I get a new ornament to put on mine every year.  My favorite's a Santa that goes at the way bottom, least on my tree that's my favorite.  I ain't really decorate none in SL.  Last year, me 'n Bren 'n my mom made a gingerbread house together 'n put candy on it 'n stuff 'n that was real fun.  My favorite holiday's Christmas Eve though cause there's too much presentin' 'n stuff on Christmas. I like presents 'n stuff but Christmas Eve's my most favorite cause ain't most folks too worried 'bout doin "Christmas."  Mostly they're just all wore out 'n they go to sleep all fussed bout the next day 'n the whole world gets quiet 'n real still.  Cause I figure the world knows stuff we ain't, even though Jesus was really born in the spring 'n not at Christmas, I figure God knows when we celebrate it 'n I figure Jesus was really prolly born on a night like Christmas Eve.  Mostly folks ain't paid no attention, but I like thinkin' bout that cause on Christmas Eve it ain't get lost like it does on Christmas Day when we're all messin with presents 'n company 'n food 'n all that stuff.  All that's great but it's better when we stopped on Christmas Eve first to celebrate why we got Christmas at all.

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