Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Top Favorite Things About Fall

Well, this writin's pretty easy, I guess cause fall's my favorite season of em all. 
Reasons I like fall:
1. I like that it gets colder but it ain't so cold your fingers fall off.  I like wearin' my sweaters 'n sweatshirts.=
2. I like all the colors, cause I love red 'n orange 'n all and walkin' in the forest when the trees is all changin is awful pretty.
3. Fall's when you have stuff like harvest parties 'n hayrides 'n bonfires.
4. Fall 'n bonfires mostly means lotsa stories and I really like that part -- sittin' round the campfire listenin to a great story or tellin' one.  It ain't even gotta be a scary one.
5. Fall's harvest, 'n that's kinda a special time.  It's real cool how the earth grows all that stuff for us, 'n fall's when Samhain comes.  I ain't Celtic or nothin, but I like them stories 'n plus wearin' costumes for Hallowe'en's pretty fun too.
So that's some of the reasons I like fall.

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  1. It sounds like it's become a tradition almost with the bonfires, parties, and the stories. Family traditions are fading as the world changes, hold on to those they are important. Great entry!