Monday, September 13, 2010

If I Was a Mouse in My House for the Evenin', What'ud My Family Be Doing?

If I was a mouse in my house, I prolly ain't see too much in the evenin' cause we ain't do too much.  Bren 'n me's in school and mom's mostly sleepin'.  Cause mom's gettin' old, you know, so she gets tired easy and she's gotta take a nap.  But if she was awake, she'd prolly be cleanin' her closet or fixin' the furniture cause she likes our new house to look nice.  She likes to cook dinner so if I's a mouse, I'd prolly check out the kitchen.  Wish I WAS one too cause if she was awake, she'd be makin' me take a bath and no mouse ain't need to see that.  Me, I'd mostly be doin' all my homework or practicin' my soccer, cep I woun't see that cause I ain't allowed to play in the house.  Bren'ud be paintin' or somethin' cause she does art alla time 'n she's got her pics up in our new room.  Or if we ain't got too much to do, then I ain't see nothin' at my house cause we'd be at the Wait prolly.  We ain't had no mouse there before but I guess one could come if they wanted to.

Camp-out in the Wait

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