Wednesday, September 8, 2010

If Kids Ruled the World...

If kids children ruled the world, lotsa things'ud prolly be real diff'rent.  Firstly, we ain't never have homework, 'cause kids children know better'n to use up their free time doin' that stuff 'less someone makes 'em. We ain't gotta eat no nasty stuff like broccoli and we ain't gotta wear no stupid floaties in the pool.  Soccer'ud be worth a grade 'steada spelling.  And we ain't gotta take a bath 'less we want to.  Ain't no grownups'ud do bad things to kids or leave 'em even if they ain't good all the time.  So that's how it'ud be if I could run stuff.

 Cep maybe it ain't really work that way.  Cause if kids run everything, then Bren ain't eat nothin' but cookies'n lollipops so she's prolly be sick alla time and her teeth'ud fall out and she'd prolly get real fat.  Plus kids is real mean sometimes and they leave other kids out'n stuff.  Ain't no one wants a grownup to hafta tell 'em to be nice to you or pick you for their team, cause it'ud be better if they picked you cause they liked you. And grownups ain't always fair neither and you can't beat em up cause they're bigger'n you'n you just get sent to the principal's office.  But sometimes they're real fair like Miss Jill give everyone a chance to play soccer even when she ain't know em and kids ain't mostly do that.  Plus it ain't no good to have a mom if you're in charge cause grownups is s'posed to know everything and they ain't if you gotta run stuff.  Cause I hadda take care of my sister for a long time cause we ain't had no folks, an it ain't so great.  It's way more better when you got a mom.


  1. If I ruled de world, all schoolchildren would wear slurpee uniforms....just sayin'.

  2. *still laughing after Sloane told me about the Great Cafeteria Battle*

  3. *grin*
    It was pretty epic.
    Cep the part where my mom tole me if I dump food on anyone else, I ain't get to play soccer no more...
    Man...I ain't get to do nothin!