Saturday, August 28, 2010

What I Think About People Who Take Advantage of Other People

Well...I think pretty much they oughta get big trouble for that.  Cause people start pickin on other people just cause they can and that ain't worth nothin.  Sometimes they're bullies and they try to fight or they take your lunch money or push you down in the dirt and stuff, and you just gotta fight em then so they leave you alone.  Sometimes they do it diffrunt ways than just fightin you.  Maybe they're just mean to you cause you ain't rich or you ain't got fancy clothes like they got so they call you names or just ain't be your friend or nothin, and pretend you ain't even there.  And that ain't right neither.  It's pretty okay to be yourself 's long as you ain't hurt no one else.

Sometimes people's mean to other people just cause that kid ain't smart enough to know.  That prolly ain't right neither.  I did that before but it ain't real nice so mostly I don't cause I ain't like to be mean to people less'n they need it.  Specially kids.  Cep some people do, bullies mostly and they ain't deserve nothin' cep someone to show em they can't do that to folks.

I guess there's all sorts of ways to take advantage of people.  An I spect none of em's right really.  They just make me real mad, cause they hurt people ain't done nothin' to em...

I ain't writin' about this no more.

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