Wednesday, August 25, 2010

If You Could Pick Any Superpower To Have, What Would It Be?

If I could have any super power, I spect I'd wanna be real real strong.  Like REAL strong cep not so strong that I broke stuff if I bumped it.  Only strong when I hadda be.  So that way when people's pickin on other people or there's bad guys around I can punch em and all their teeth'd fall out.  Cause I can get rid of a kid who's bein real mean, but mostly the real REAL bad people're grownups and they do lotsa rotten stuff that kids can't stop or nothin.  So bein' strong'ud be better than flyin' even cause then ain't no one round me gotta worry 'bout nothin bad happenin to em, like bullies or stuff like that.  Plus then if someone bugged me too much, then I could knock em out real hard so they coun't punch me back.  Cause by the time they woke up, I'da run clean away.

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