Monday, August 23, 2010

What Does the Month of August Remind You Of or Make You Think About?

Well, mostly summer, cep that ain't mean nothin' cep for Bren cryin' a lot cause she ain't get to go to camp again, cause we couldn't never send her before.  Means things're hot and you get all sweaty and stuff if you gotta go someplace outside.  Summer's good though, cause if you're stayin' in a throwaway kid house or a orphanage, it ain't too cold and you ain't gotta worry if you don't got good clothes for winter.  Cep it's real hot tryin to sleep in those places. 
Some people always call August the dog days of summer and I spect that's just 'cause it's so hot even a dog ain't goin nowhere cep under the shed to lay around and stay cool.  I like summer pretty okay though cep I hate swimmin cause my mom makes me wear floaties in the pool so then I look real stupid.  I ain't like water too much nohow cep when it's real hot, but August is a good time for swimmin, if there is one, I guess. 
Last summer, we were livin sorta everywhere cause we din't have no home an Bren was lookin for a family.  I din't want one, but then she found our mom.  I din't like her at first, but she adopted us anyhow, so we got to be a family and Bren finally got to go to school.  So I guess August is a pretty good month, cause we're way better off now than we were last year cause of August.


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